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Heinze Talks About The Possibility Of Renewing Contract

Gabriel Heinze talked about the trainer Vélez Sarsfield saying that there is a possibility of his continuing in the club of Liniers for some more time. The Gringo having a contract with the entity till the month of June in 2019 have obtained an offer from the leadership for renewing it for another year and a half.

He has revealed that he has expressed his idea to extend the contract until the end of the mandate. He had been appreciated and once he is done with his contract, they are going to sit down and talk. He says that it is not that he doesn’t want to stay in. He takes a keen interest in staying back. Vélez is always going to have the first place to talk to the leader. He hopes that he can meet and then talk about staying back for some more time. Continue reading Heinze Talks About The Possibility Of Renewing Contract

Heinze believes in Argentina

Former Argentina defender Gabriel Heinze said that Argentina can win the World Cup in the future but there need to be some changes around the team. He said that there are some good young players in the team and also in the youth squad and that it is up to the coaches to improve them.

He said that Argentina should learn from their European counterparts on how they develop young players and have a similar plan for their young players. He said that there are so many talents in Argentina and that it is important that they are developed properly. Continue reading Heinze believes in Argentina