Lisandro Martinez made a significant impression during his early days at Manchester United and took a leaf out of the book of Gabriel Heinze. He came to Old Trafford from Ajax for an attractive £57 million deal and evoked the chant Argentina usually aimed at Heinze during the three years of the latter in the Premier League.

Now, it appears like the 24-year-old has turned a corner after a difficult start to life in English football with his full-throttle and aggressive approach proving to be an incredible hit with the fans. He has characteristics that have made him be compared to Heinze with the duo talking about the potential of Martinez’s move to Manchester United before materializing.

In an interview, he said that he loves Gabriel Heinze and considers him to be his idol. He also said that he loves the way Heinze played. According to him, Heinze had a good mentality which is important in duels. Each game has a final and Heinze had been the top player. Martinez also talked to Heinze before he arrived at Manchester United in the summer but they only spoke about life and football. He says that he likes playing Heinze. They are a little different but he likes his mentality.

Neither Manchester United nor Martinez will have fond memories of their trio this season to Brentford after he humbled in a 4-0 defeat. The Argentinian player had been substituted at half-time of the losing match and many who doubted them voiced their concerns about if he is suitable for English football.

Martinez said that he has to be patient, particularly in the beginning. He knows that Heinze didn’t play as they wanted but it is only part of football. It is experience and they have a new system and new team. Now, they just have to keep going.