The Argentine centre back has been getting bad press due to his related involvements in the Panama offshore accounts’ scandal.

Gabriel Heinze was named by analysts as one of the average players Sir Alex Ferguson made into excellent squad player when the current 38-year old defender played at Old Trafford.

It started when former coach, Harry Redknapp compared Jesse Lingard of the current Red Devils squad to legend Ryan Giggs. The coach hinted that the player is far from outstanding.

“Jesse Lingard? Again, a good player, but we’re not talking about the next David Beckham or Ryan Giggs here are we? Come on. There’s no way he’d have got into the United team a few years back,” Redknapp’s column in Daily Telegraph read.

MediaWatch retorted in criticism of the post saying: “A few years back like ten years ago when Kieran Richardson played 36 times in a Manchester United that won the League Cup and finished second in the Premier League? Or nine years ago when he won a Premier League winner’s medal? Lingard is not the next David Beckham or Ryan Giggs but – and this may come as a shock to Redknapp – not every player can be. Some players have to be Kieran Richardson or Jesse Lingard.”
Redknapp added:

“I look around that United team and wonder who would have got into Fergie’s great sides,’ continues Redknapp before citing Wayne Rooney (of course) and possibly Michael Carrick (of course). But not David de Gea. ‘Apart from that, I don’t see anyone who’d come close.”

MediaWatch again mentioned the 2006/2007 Manchester United team that won the Premier League, reached the FA Cup final and the semi-finals of the Champions League. They claimed players such as Richardson, ‘Gabriel Heinze,’ Wes Brown, Louis Saha, John O’Shea, Mikael Silvestre and Park-Ji Sung were average players that the legendary coach turned excellent squad players that achieved that much success for the club.