After giving up his playing career, Gabriel Heinze went on to become a coach but things haven’t been going in a positive way as the Argentinean took charge of Godoy Cruz on June 2015 but was sacked only a few months later on September after only being able to sustain 2 triumphs, 2 draws and 6 defeats.

Gabriel Heinze is now available to take up a new coaching position in a team and he was even being taken consideration for a club that had recently opened up a managerial spot.

Daniel Onofri is the president of the Argentine football club Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata and he was one of the main figures behind the dismissal of the coach Pedro Troglio who was sacked from coaching Gimnasia y Esgrima.

The president Daniel Onofri voiced a few of the reasons of why Pedro Troglio was removed from his managerial position as he said: ‘’It’s the end of an era, of a cycle and a change was needed. Everyone in the club highly values and appreciates what Pedro has done for the club.

Gabriel Heinze was being viewed as someone who could replace Pedro Troglio and become the new manager of Gimnasia y Esgrima but unfortunately for Heinze, he was quickly discarded as a possible candidate for the managerial position due to the fact that he does not have any proper coaching training and following his disappointing coaching spell with Godoy Cruz where he suffered 6 defeats from 10 games, Heinze just wasn’t considered to be an ideal candidate.

Heinze is currently taking up proper coaching training as he does want to become a proper and official manager but since he still hasn’t gone through the valid process, it has already started to cost him with the chance to take control of a club.