Former Manchester United player Gabriel Heinze is another player that has been named in the Panama Papers.

He joined other football players such as Michel Platini and Lionel Messi, who have also been named in the papers.

It is believed that the Argentine player has created a company known as the Galena Mills Corp in the Virgin Islands in order to receive his payment from Puma. Using this offshore company allowed Gabriel Heinze to minimize the amount of tax paid and was cited in the Panama Papers.

It is also believed that the former Real Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain player also had a bank account in Switzerland.

The player defended himself by saying it was a legal thing to do as he wanted to protect his succession in case something happened to him. A legal representative for the player was quoted as saying that everything was done legally and that all taxes were paid wherever needed.
Premier League fans will remember Gabriel Heinze during his time at Manchester United. He joined the club in 2004 for a fee that was reported to be around £6.9 million from Paris Saint-Germain. He was already considered a successful player by the time he joined Manchester United, and it will not take long before he scored his first goal for the Red Devils. Indeed, his first goal will come in a 2-2 draw against Bolton Wanderers.

He will quickly establish himself as a first-team left-back for Manchester United and will form a formidable partnership with the other defenders. He will go on and win several trophies with Manchester United. He won the Premier League title in 2007 as well as the League Cup in 2006. He will leave the English team in 2008 after losing his place in the starting line-up and sign for Real Madrid.