Ian Wright did not like the comments made by some people in reply to one of Mario Balotelli’s post on Twitter the other day.
Balotelli had made fun of Manchester United after their defeat against Leicester City and that did not go well with the fans.
The fans absolutely crucified Balotelli after that tweet of his. They brutally abused him, calling him Monkey and several other things.
This is not the first instance of Balotelli receiving racial abuses. He has experienced this number of times before.
In fact, right through his playing career, he has been the victim of racial abuses.
The Merseyside police seem to have taken the matter seriously and they are believed to be going to investigate it.
A senior police official, however, made it clear yesterday that no complaint had been filed.
Balotelli was not the only one who taunted Manchester United for the lethargic show at the King Power Stadium. There were other renowned personalities as well who posted Sarcastic tweets about United’s performance, but, the Red Devils fans decided to target Balotelli only.
As per Wright, an ex Arsenal player, the way the fans reacted to that Balotelli tweet was totally disgraceful.
Wright wrote on his twitter page, “It’s unbelievable how severely Balotelli has been abused for just a sarcastic tweet. We are living in such an advanced era and still people react like that. It’s nothing short of disgraceful.”
Wright himself was also a black footballer who represented Three Lions as well. He played 30 odd games for the England national team.
Currently, Wright, who is 50 years of age, is coaching the League One side Milton Keynes Dons which defeated Manchester United by 4-0 in a Capital One Cup game a few days ago.