Hackers Fancy Bears have released claims that Argentine soccer stars Carlos Tevez and Gabriel Heinze, and former Netherlands international Dirk Kuyt were permitted by FIFA to get clearance for banned substances ahead of the World Cup in south Africa in 2010.

The hackers are notorious for publishing the medical records of celebrities and sports stars. They claim the allegations prove that doping is prevalent in football as well. The group which has been linked to a group in Russia, claim the list is 150 long, showing stars that failed drug tests in 2015. Fancy Bears say up to 25 players that summer in 2010 were using banned substances whilst claiming medical grounds.

Former Man United striker, Tevez was with Premier League side Manchester City then. He was named among five players from Argentina that used Betamethasone – a steroid used in creams to treat skin issues. Heinze is alleged to have used banned substances as well, along with another former United man Juan Veron.

Kuyt, who was with Liverpool then, registered that he used Dexamethasone – another steroid used to treat skin issues. Another Premier League man Ryan Nelson was reported to have used banned substance as well.

The declarations are in strict accordance with the World Anti-Doping Agency regulations as they disclosed their use to FIFA ahead of the tournament. The agency has been very vocal against fighting the use of banned substance. If there were foul play, moves would have been made but Fancy Bears think otherwise.