Pablo Zabaleta reckons if Sergio Aguero was available for selection in World Cup final match against Germany, Argentina perhaps would have been able to become the champion.

Because of the injury, Aguero had not played in every World Cup game for Argentina.

Although, even in his absence, La Albiceleste went ahead quite strongly in the tournament, but, against the rock solid defensive line of Germany, they missed Aguero dearly.
At the moment, Aguero is arguably the best attacker in the game. He has been absolutely unstoppable in the English first division this season.

He has slammed almost one goal per match for his team Manchester City and is currently, the top scorer in the Premier League. The 26-year old has recently overtaken Diego Costa of Chelsea.

Talking about Aguero yesterday, Zabaleta said, “I have seen Sergio very closely over the years and I can tell you he has never played better than this. He seems to have reached his prime which is fantastic for Manchester City.”
“As an Argentina fan, you do wonder at times what would have happened if he was there to play every game in Brazil. He could surely have made a difference there, but, there is no point discussing that as World Cup’s gone.”

When asked if he thinks that Aguero is playing as well as any other forward right now, Zabaleta said, “Yes, I do think so. Having him here at Manchester City is brilliant and I hope the way he has gone so far this summer, he keeps going like this till the end.”

This is the 4th season that Aguero is spending at Etihad and this is proving to be his best one so far. He had been amongst the goals in the last three seasons too, but, never has he been this consistent.