There is so much to love about Argentinean soccer players, their passion, skill, determination and above all their discipline. A couple of guys might be the exception as far that discipline category is concerned, but, in general, the players who come out of that country know how to be gentle on the pitch. They play the game with true spirit.

To go with the discipline, the Argentineans have got some class as well. Very rarely do they play boring football. Their playmakers know the art of entertaining the spectators, while, their forwards know how to be ruthless. Even their back players like to attack whenever they get the opportunity.

But, despite all that, the Argentinean national football team hasn’t had as much success on the field as they should have in the last few years, in fact more than a few years to be frank. They dominated the football world in the eighties, but, after that, the results haven’t gone their way on a regular basis and it’s really hard to find out a particular reason behind it.

After having a look at Argentina’s line up on paper, one would back them to defeat any other team in the world. They have got at least 2 or 3 players who can be considered as the greats of football, but, for some reason, this team hasn’t become a threat at the international level.

The World Cup 2014 is coming up and as always, Argentina is again a strong contender to win this competition, but, hardly anybody would be surprised if they crash out early again and that’s because it has happened quite often in the last couple of decades or so. They somehow lose the plot during important matches and leave their supporters gutted.