Manchester United suffered from their 7th defeat of this season as they lost 3-1 against Chelsea as they keep on dropping points and falling further behind on the Premier League standings. Despite being 14 points behind the leaders Arsenal, David Moyes insisted in saying that his side will not give up as this is a new project and takes time.

“What we don’t do is throw the towel in until we can’t get there. The job is to finish first and we’ll try to do that. I know what I’m going to do and there will be changes as we go along the journey. It is a massive challenge. I hoped we’d be in a better position than we are, but we are not.” Moyes stated after the match concluded.

Moyes had to deal with the absence of Rooney and Van Persie as they both are out injured and to make matters even worse Nemanja Vidic was sent off of the pitch at the last few minutes of the encounter when he made a challenge on Eden Hazard.

When the announcement of David Moyes taking over Manchester United and replace Sir. Alex Ferguson, it was not expected that the former Everton coach would take such a downhill road with the same squad that emerged as the champions of the Premier League 1 season ago.

One of the positive things that Moyes has managed to do with Manchester United this season is push them into the last 16 teams of the Champions League and a fortunate draw saw them being placed against Olympiakos in a match that the Premier League side are favorites on winning.

It remains highly doubtful however that the squad will be able to defeat any of the other remaining teams fighting for the Champions League. All that Moyes can wish for is to end the current season finishing at the top 5 spots of the Premier League and even that will be a hard task to accomplish.